Quality Performance Graded Liquid Asphalts Since 1948



Associated Asphalt: 60 Years of Asphalt Products

At Associated Asphalt, we provide multiple performance grade liquid asphalts as well as emulsions, polymer modified asphalts and asphalt rubber binder products to comply with state specifications and meet the ongoing demand of its longstanding customer base.

Performance Graded Asphalts

Performance grade asphalts are classified by two numbers. The first number represents the performance-certified five-day average maximum pavement temperature for which the asphalt is tested and the second number represents the single lowest temperature at which the asphalt can withstand cracking. For example, PG 64-22 is performance-certified to meet a five-day average maximum pavement temperature of 64° Celsius and a single minimum temperature occurrence of -22° Celsius. We primarily resell five grades of performance grade liquid asphalt products, including the following:
  • PG 58-28
  • PG 64-22
  • PG 67-22
  • PG 70-22
  • PG 76-22
The PG grades are certified by the supply refinery and we follow robust quality control guidelines mandated by each state.

Modified Asphalts

Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) is used in high-grade performance materials that require the addition of a unique polymer to achieve added strength and elasticity requirements, and we blend PMA primarily at our Greensboro and Tampa terminals. Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) is produced at our Tampa and Greensboro terminals. The State of Florida has mandated that GTR be included in certain asphalt mixes, and our Tampa terminal is one of two operators in Florida that can manufacture GTR.

Emulsified Asphalts

Emulsions, a blend of asphalt, water and emulsifying agent, are used for road construction and maintenance. Emulsified asphalts are produced primarily at our Roanoke, Tampa, Bristol, Columbia and Conley terminals.