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Mariani Asphalt

Mariani Modified Asphalts and Emulsions in Tampa, Florida

Associated Asphalt owns and operates Mariani Asphalt, which offers Florida's broadest product asphalt line. Mariani specializes in quality asphalts, PMA, asphalt emulsion, cutback asphalt, and rejuvenators. For over 65 years, Mariani Asphalt has delivered quality materials on spec, on time, and guaranteed. Mariani Asphalt currently has three locations:
  • Tampa: Main Office & Emulsion Manufacturing facility on Causeway Boulevard
  • Tampa: AC and PMA facility at Port of Tampa
  • Lake City

Quality Control at Mariani Asphalt

Tampa-PMAThe Mariani staff offers years of specialized experience in the asphalt business. They're on hand when needed for advice on the practical, effective application of the product, new construction, preventive maintenance, surface treatment, or recycling. Moreover, Associated Asphalt has dedicated significant resources through the years to develop a state-of-the-art testing laboratory with the latest computer-controlled testing equipment. Our test accuracies rate among the highest in the industry. It's the kind of facility where specifications are checked and rechecked for conformance and performance. When you buy an asphalt product from Mariani, you know it will perform in the field. It's where the product meets its true test from the effects of use, abuse, and the never-ending assault of Mother Nature. Mariani personnel are on the road—literally—checking and rechecking, learning and improving from research and development. No one does it better.


Mariani Asphalt Locations