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Rail Network

Norfolk Southern & CSX: Partners in Asphalt

greensboro railMost of Associated Asphalt's liquid asphalt terminals are primarily supplied and located on the Norfolk Southern Railway System. We have worked hard to develop a strong partnership with Norfolk Southern to deliver our products in the most economical and efficient manner. Norfolk Southern Railway owns and operates lines that extend  approximately 21,800 miles of road in 22 states, the District of Columbia and the Province of Ontario, Canada. With Norfolk Southern's extensive rail network and our partnership with them, Associated Asphalt is able to ensure that the most important people to us, our customers, receive their product in an efficient and timely manner.

Associated Asphalt's Transportation System

Our rail infrastructure helps us to ensure timely and cost-effective transport of our products and supplies. Rail access allows us to source supply year-round regardless of weather, an advantage over water transport given the potential for delays or stoppages due to flooding or freezing. Each of our 16 liquid asphalt terminals is directly accessible via rail lines operated by Norfolk Southern or CSX. At Associated Asphalt, we believe that our longstanding relationships with Norfolk Southern and CSX allow us to minimize freight costs, maximize operational flexibility and maintain efficient rail car turnaround time. Our network of logistics assets also included 30 leased rail cars, 44 owned trucks, and over 400 owned trailers as of December 31, 2012.