Congratulations to our Savannah Lab for receiving AASHTO Accreditation! The American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) accreditation is an important step to ensuring we are able to provide a full range of testing services in an accredited environment.

Associated Asphalt purchased the Savannah Lab located in the IMTT EPIC terminal in April 2019 to work alongside our other Bituminous Technologies (BT) Labs in Paulsboro, New Jersey, and  Tampa, Florida. BT Labs supports Associated Asphalt in its commitment to produce high-quality products with the ability to perform a wide range of PG binder and emulsified asphalt testing. The labs also perform research and development, quality control, quality assurance, and third-party testing for internal and external customers in the southern region.


Our labs play a vital role in the work we do at Associated Asphalt. We purchase neat asphalt, and laboratory technicians add polymer to make the asphalt stronger for different applications. These polymer-modified asphalts are made to better resist rutting and thermal cracking. In fact, many of our modified asphalts last up to 10 years longer than standard asphalt.

During the accreditation process, our Savannah lab underwent a rigorous on-site assessment by a third party auditor. Every test that our labs conduct must be demonstrated in its entirety by the laboratory technicians. The assessors also review the laboratory’s quality management, system inspect our testing equipment to make sure that it is properly calibrated and functions as it should.

The AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) formally recognizes the competency of testing laboratories to perform specific tests on construction materials. In addition to being the largest accrediting body in the construction materials industry, the AAP is also the most widely-accepted. AASHTO-accredited laboratories have proven their commitment to quality and can set themselves apart from their competitors.

AASHTO Accreditation Program Logo

As an AASHTO-accredited laboratory, we are able to:

  • demonstrate conformance to specific national and international standards


  • enhance confidence in the testing your laboratory provides


  • expand your business opportunities by being eligible to work for more national, state, and local entities that require accreditation


  • be a member of an elite group of testing laboratories that is dedicated to quality testing and continuous improvement


  • influence and improve standards


  • stay up-to-date with trends and issues in the industry


We are looking forward to continuing to offer excellent service as a state-of-the-art testing laboratory.