Project Spotlight: Unique Funding Program Supports Repaving with FlexGard® in York County

In October of 2020, Associated Asphalt partnered with Blythe Construction and York County, South Carolina to repave 1.5 miles of roadway on Penshurst Road in Rock Hill. Associated Asphalt’s Greensboro Terminal provided 121 tons of FlexGard® binder for the overlay to boost pavement life and cracking resistance.

The Cost-Savings Advantage of FlexGard®

The original scope for the Penshurst Road project required a cement-modified recycled base at a uniform depth of 10 inches, followed by a 2-inch layer of SCDOT hot mix surface type. Sr. Technical Services & Marketing Manager, Robbie Robinson, was in charge of inspecting the site to provide recommendations.

Upon further evaluation, Robinson recommended the use of FlexGard® in lieu of the original scope, which included a full-depth reclamation. There were very few areas that showed base failure, despite the severe end-of-life characteristics of severe alligator cracking. This recommendation resulted in a revised scope of work that would include a 1.75-inch overlay of FlexGard®, reducing the cost of the project by $26,000. The unique thinning of asphalt in certain areas of the roadway led the team to agree upon a slightly thicker overlay rather than a traditional thin overlay.

The FlexGard® System features a slightly gap-graded mix gradation combined with a polymer-modified asphalt designed for thin, high-performance overlays.

The FlexGard® mix also incorporates a StellarFlex® polymer modified asphalt. Selected according to roadway conditions and demands, StellarFlex® binder further boosts pavement life and cracking resistance. FlexGard® has a relatively high binder content that allows for easier field compaction and lower air voids in the finished layer.

FlexGard® includes a complete set of specifications that local owner agencies can use to advertise and administer the contract. The FlexGard® mixture must meet a maximum rutting depth and a minimum number of cycles to failure on the Texas Overlay Tester (a cracking test procedure).

About Pennies for Progress

Funding for infrastructure updates has always been a hot topic for government entities, industrial organizations, and the transportation industry. There are many challenges when it comes to managing budgets that can support these high investment projects.

York County, SC has taken a unique approach to provide citizens with a safer and more efficient roadway system. Pennies for Progress is the name of the York County Capital Projects Sales and Use Tax Programs. As the principal source of road improvement funding, York County voters have the opportunity to vote on what projects will be chosen for improvement. It is the first of its kind in South Carolina.

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