Efficient Emulsified Asphalt

Associated Asphalt’s line of emulsified asphalts provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and adaptable product for a wide range of construction and maintenance projects. We carefully blend asphalt, water, and emulsifying agents to create an environmentally friendly asphalt that requires lower temperatures, and is cost-effective for construction and maintenance projects. Emulsion asphalt is known to produce minimal to no hydrocarbon emissions or fumes, as there is no need for hot mixing.

Our emulsion asphalt products manufactured by Seaco and quality cold mix developed by Colprovia are formulated for extended use, minimizing stockpile waste. They are designed to be handled, shoveled, and tamped with ease. Through the blending of asphalt, water, and emulsifying agents at varying levels, we produce emulsified asphalts at a variety of setting times, temperature requirements, and charge.

In short, emulsified asphalts are capable of fulfilling the needs of a variety of projects.

Cationic QCT TDS

Anionic QCT TDS