Expanding Pavement Capabilities with Our Polymer-Modified Specialty Asphalt

We formulate a variety of polymer-modified speciality asphalt performance products to help our customers tackle some of the toughest pavement conditions. These innovative asphalts allow pavement designers to have the capabilities they need to successfully build and maintain pavements in the most challenging conditions.

Through the development of performance asphalt products that are built to withstand a wide range of pavement wear and tear conditions, we are able to equip our customers with high-quality longer lasting products. The cost savings that result from polymer-modified asphalts that can withstand strenuous weather conditions, chemicals, and temperatures allow for more investment in key infrastructure across the East Coast.

From a fuel resistant polymer-modified asphalt binder to a Ground Tire Rubber Hybrid Asphalt, Associated Asphalt has developed a specialty asphalt product for any project need. They can provide the product for a quick fix or for building a roadway from the ground up. No matter what your need, Associated Asphalt has the supply on demand to get the job done.


J-Band® was formulated as a VRAM (Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane) to reduce air voids in longitudinal joints from the bottom up. Applied under the longitudinal joint in new asphalt, the J-Band® migrates upward as hot mix is installed on the top layer to fill voids and block water and air from creating pockets that will later deteriorate the asphalt.

StellarFlex FR®

StellarFlex FR® is a highly polymer-modified speciality asphalt binder formulated for exposure to jet fuel and the enormous weight of slow-moving aircraft. As the first FAA-specified fuel-resistant asphalt pavement, it allows asphalt to resist damage from jet fuel and hydraulic oil, plus rutting and cracking. It also eliminates the need for coal tar sealers and extends pavement life substantially. Backed by a 20+ year track record of success, StellarFlex FR® is the first product to meet the FAA’s “P-404, Fuel Resistant Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement” Specifications.

StellarFlex® SP

Formulated to provide outstanding resistance to rutting and cracking, StellarFlex® SP is a Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer-modified speciality asphalt. Its production process ensures complete dispersion of the polymer in the asphalt, enabling an extremely stable product with outstanding performance and workability.


High-Performance Thin Overlay Mix System

Developed to address workability and durability limitations of Superpave mixes in thin mix applications, FlexGard® allows overlays down to 3/4” thick. Its gradation is also slightly gap graded, enabling a minimum asphalt content of 7%. FlexGard® pavement will outperform conventional 1 ½” mill-and-fill construction, providing high resistance to fatigue cracking and longer pavement life.

In many cases, milling requirements can be eliminated or greatly reduced. As a thin overlay mix, FlexGard® also helps reduce mix tonnage for further cost savings and can be easily produced on-site by local contractors from available aggregates.

StellarFlex® CR

Crack Relief Polymer-Modified Asphalt

StellarFlex® CR is formulated to resist the stresses of reflective cracking that occur due to movement at PCC pavement joints. This extremely flexible, highly Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer-modified asphalt is also designed to perform in a Crack Relief Interlayer (CRI) mix.

StellarFlex® HiMA

Formulated to provide extreme resistance to permanent deformation, fatigue cracking, and thermal cracking, StellarFlex® HiMA is a very highly Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer-modified asphalt. Featuring three times the polymer typically found in standard polymer-modified asphalts, StellarFlex® HiMA is an ideal asphalt binder for bridge deck paving applications, or to limit cracking over concrete pavements.

StellarFlex® GTRH

Ground Tire Rubber Hybrid Asphalt

StellarFlex® GTRH is a hybrid asphalt material modified with Ground Tire Rubber and Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer. It retains the performance, stability, and workability of an SBS polymer-modified asphalt while adding the elasticity and environmental benefits of recycled Ground Tire Rubber.


Non-tracking Tack Coat

Designed for jobs that require a fast asphalt emulsion “break,” QCT® asphalt emulsion provides a typical break time of 20-30 minutes. Along with shorter wait times, QCT® offers outstanding resistance to rubber tire pickup from dump trucks and excellent compatibility and adhesion with granite and limestone aggregates.


Designed to meet the softening point specification for racetracks, our PG 82-22 RT is formulated for optimum workability and compaction to resist high temperatures from the sun so slick racing tires don’t pull the aggregate out of the asphalt mixture.

Ground Tire Rubber Hybrid (GTRH) in Westmoreland County, PA

Ground Tire Rubber Hybrid (GTRH) in Westmoreland County, PA

Lindy Paving Inc. used our GTRH modified PG64-22 on Rt. 366 in Westmoreland County for Penn DOT. The existing concrete was Crack and Seated, covered with 4” of a 19mm mix (PG64-22), 2” of a 9.5mm mix (PG64- 22) & surfaced with 1.5” of 9.5 GTRH mix and 1.5” of 9.5 mix with a PG76-22.
Highly Modified Asphalt (PG76E-28) on I-64 in Williamsburg, VA

Highly Modified Asphalt (PG76E-28) on I-64 in Williamsburg, VA

Virginia DOT used a Highly Modified Asphalt (PG76E-28) supplied by Associated Asphalt to prevent reflective cracking on Interstate 64 in Williamsburg, VA. Two lifts were placed on top of the existing concrete roadway saving time and money over removing the existing concrete.
Marine Max (StellarFlex Fuel Resistant) in Somers Point, NJ

Marine Max (StellarFlex Fuel Resistant) in Somers Point, NJ

The MarineMax facility has boats coming from the ocean the salt water has “eaten” away at the concrete, causing damaged conditions similar to potholes. Associated Asphalt was able to provide a smooth, dense and uniform StellarFlex FR pavement to serve the MarineMax facility for years to come.
Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Project: Track Resurfacing Mix Producer: Lindy Paving Paving Contractor: Youngblood Paving Mix: 9.5mm Dense Graded, 75 Blow Marshall Asphalt: PG82-22 with 180° F Softening Point

Performance Products

For the toughest pavement challenges, Associated Asphalt offers several polymer-modified specialty asphalt products. These innovative formulations give pavement designers new ways to handle extremely challenging conditions.


Associated Asphalt offers a full line of emulsified asphalts, which blend asphalt, water and emulsifying agents for a range of construction and maintenance applications.

Paving Grade

Performance graded (PG) asphalts are formulated to perform in region specific temperature windows. We supply PG liquid asphalts in a wide variety of grades as well as blending specialty PG grading and pen-graded asphalts for many applications including roofing, coatings and sealants.

Polymer Modified

Associated Asphalt supplies both polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) and Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) modified asphalts. PMA resists deformation and cracking, while GTR improves asphalt elasticity while delivering the environmental benefits of tire recycling.

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