Asphalt and Bitumen Shipping Supplier to the Caribbean

Associated Asphalt is one of the largest, independent asphalt terminaling, storage, and distribution companies in the United States. Backed by more than seven decades of industry experience and a 5.5 million barrel capacity, we serve customers with a focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and dedication to helping contractors pave their own road to success.

Experienced, Credible Exporters Simplify the Asphalt and Bitumen Procurement Process

Finding a credible, customer-focused bitumen exporter with assets available for both immediate and ongoing support can be difficult. This can cause project delays and impact the functionality of your business. Associated Asphalt can ease these worries by utilizing our experienced team and time-tested processes to be completely transparent throughout the exporting process.

With a diverse product slate, we offer bitumen AC-30, including PG 64-22 and PG 76-22, as well as emulsion. We have ample bitutainers to reliably supply projects of any size—with several methods of delivery to ensure shipping is timely and accurate.

Associated Asphalt’s seasoned professionals will guide you through the process to help ensure all aspects of the purchase and delivery are handled safely and purchase and delivery are handled safely and meet industry standards, including logistics and container management.

Our terminals in Florida have port accessibility in Tampa and Miami, providing convenient shipping to Caribbean nations. Associated Asphalt’s customers appreciate that we approach our business relationships with honesty and integrity. Associated Asphalt is the bitumen and asphalt supplier you can be confident will get it right every time.

Let’s Discuss Your Specific Needs

We are eager to prepare a custom program to fit your asphalt and bitumen export needs. If you have the following information available, we can begin preparing your quote right away.
● The grade of asphalt needed
● Supply needs – is this for a large project or are you looking for a weekly
supply for standard road work
● Volume and schedule – how many loads per week, month or whatever
period is necessary.

Call us today to request a complimentary consultation, or email your regional
representative directly.

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