Performance Products
For the toughest pavement challenges, Associated Asphalt offers several polymer-modified asphalt specialty products. These innovative formulations give pavement designers new ways to handle extremely challenging conditions.
Associated Asphalt offers a full line of emulsified asphalts, which blend asphalt, water and emulsifying agents for a range of construction and maintenance applications.
Paving Grade
Performance graded (PG) asphalts are formulated to perform in region specific temperature windows. We supply PG liquid asphalts in a wide variety of grades as well as blending specialty PG grading and pen-graded asphalts for many applications including roofing, coatings and sealants.
Polymer Modified
Associated Asphalt supplies both polymer–modified asphalt (PMA) and Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) modified asphalts. PMA resists deformation and cracking, while GTR improves asphalt elasticity while delivering the environmental benefits of tire recycling.
Lab Testing
Associated Asphalt’s laboratory division conducts a range of R&D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and mixture testing in two AASHTO approved laboratories.
Roofing & Industrial
Associated Asphalt offers a wide variety of products for the roofing & industrial asphalt markets. Ranging from saturants and fluxes to polymer modified products, Associated Asphalt has the technology and customer-focused commitment to work with you to develop a solution for your roofing & industrial asphalt application.