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TampaWater Our primary service area is located in the landlocked interior of the Eastern U.S., where transportation of asphalt by ocean and inland water shipping channels or by truck is generally more costly than to transport it by rail, as we do. All of Associated Asphalt's strategically located liquid asphalt terminals are directly accessible via rail lines operated by Norfolk Southern and CSX, which connect us with Midwest refineries and allow us to move product within our territory more cost effectively than other transportation alternatives. We rely upon our longstanding relationships with Norfolk Southern and CSX to minimize our transportation costs, maximize operational flexibility and maintain efficient rail car turnaround times. Rail access also allows us to source supply year-round, in nearly all weather conditions, which is an advantage over water transport given potential delays or stoppages due to drought, flooding or freezing. In addition to Associated Asphalt's terminals, our network of owned and leased logistics assets as of December 31, 2012 included 30 rail cars, 44 trucks and over 400 trailers that help us ensure timely and cost-effective transport of products to our customers.


Our customers rely on our significant storage capacity for dependable supply which is essential for planning seasonal road construction and maintenance projects. Associated Asphalt primarily sources asphalt from PADD II Midwest refineries that use Canadian heavy crude which is highly asphaltic. We strive to maintain strong relationships with major paving contractors in each of our targeted markets by leveraging our strategic terminal locations, reliable supply and customer service. Our contiguous service market providers an integrated "one-step" shopping solution for interstate pavers, and our customers rely heavily on our storage capacity for dependable supply.