Uncategorized Jul 7, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Carrie Conard-Watson, HRIS & Benefits Administrator

Roanoke transplant Carrie Conard-Watson joined the Associated Asphalt family in the summer of 2022 as our HRIS & Benefits Administrator. Carrie brings years of experience, an infectiously positive attitude, and a great outlook to the Associated Asphalt team. Carrie’s professional background is expansive. Construction, retail management, insurance, manufacturing, interior design; you name the industry, Carrie…

Working at Associated Jun 9, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Karen Murphy, EHS Manager

When Karen Murphy joined the Associated Asphalt team in March of 2022, she brought with her an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge in the Environmental, Health, and Safety field. As the new Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager, Karen is eager to apply her knowledge and passion for safety to ensure that everyone can…

Working at Associated May 25, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Wendi Basham, Executive Administrator

Roanoke native Wendi Basham joined the Associated Asphalt family in March of 2022 as an Executive Administrator. Coming from a lively background of working with local government, Wendi brings her expertise to her day-to-day life at Associated Asphalt. “I found out Associated Asphalt was hiring and I just said ‘I have to apply to this…

Working at Associated Apr 4, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Dan Paty, Terminal Manager

From restauranteur and real estate agent to Terminal Manager at Associated Asphalt, Dan Paty’s diverse background makes him a great addition to our team. Dan joined the company in January 2022 as the Terminal Manager at our Columbia, South Carolina, Seaco Terminal. Each day at the terminal, Dan implements what he’s learned in previous positions…

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