Colleen Moore joined the Associated Asphalt family 17 years ago at our Greensboro terminal. Colleen worked in banking for six years before joining the team until she decided it was time to start a new chapter. She saw an open Administrative Assistant position and was eager to apply, as she had the necessary experience and skills. Her only concern was that she didn’t have a background in the asphalt industry. However, Colleen applied and quickly found herself at home. “My initial thought was, ‘I don’t know anything about asphalt. But I picked it up right off the bat,” She continues, “I didn’t know what I was getting into, and now I love it. I can’t imagine life without it.”

Since the beginning, Colleen’s diligence hasn’t gone unnoticed. She transitioned into an Administrative Coordinator role in 2016, and just last year, she was promoted to Logistics Manager. Colleen shared that in her time with Associated Asphalt, she’s had the chance to meet so many friendly folks in and outside the company, making her experience remarkable. “I felt comfortable right from the get-go. There isn’t anybody that you couldn’t reach out to answer your questions. They’re always there to help,” she says, “Even at the corporate level, you can still pick up the phone and know they’re going to answer.”

As that old saying goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ At Associated Asphalt, we help each other out because we want the best for our team and our customers. Colleen says, “We strive for excellence. It is ingrained in us. All throughout the team, we want each other to succeed. We want success as a company.” The best way to accomplish any goal in our eyes is by working together. Colleen says, “We always watch out for one another like we’re our brothers’ keepers.” This is especially important because there are many hazards at an asphalt terminal. Safety is one of our values that is the top priority.

A great example of this camaraderie among the team was when there was an asphalt spill in Greensboro. “There was an urgent matter, and I ended up out on the rail line, which isn’t something I do,” Colleen says. “We knew we had to act fast to ensure everyone’s safety. I was toting sandbags along with all the guys to contain a spill.” By coming together, they successfully stopped the spill and prevented anyone from getting hurt. “There was nothing that was stopping us that day from ensuring everyone was okay,” Colleen says.

Some things that stand out to Colleen about Associated Asphalt are the family-oriented culture and appreciation shown on every level. She shared that she has met some of her dearest friends working here. Colleen shares, “To establish those relationships and to have that integrity behind it, to know that people stand with you versus ahead or in front of you, it makes all the difference.” It all comes down to the team upholding our core values. Colleen says, “We live the culture out each day rather than just talking about it.”

For Colleen, working at Associated Asphalt has been a journey. She noted that she’s not typically outspoken. But in time, she’s gained confidence and felt empowered to voice her thoughts on important matters. “I seek out innovative ways to advance the company. I learned that I can speak up on these ideas. I found my brave.”

Speaking of growth, Associated Asphalt has countless opportunities throughout the company. We aim to support our current team members and newcomers. Colleen says, “Nothing’s ever out of reach. There’s always room to advance, and they’ll help you to succeed with everything. The sky’s the limit!”

Colleen is such an asset to our team at Associated Asphalt! All of our employees bring a range of skills, values, and experiences to the team! You can read more employee spotlights here. Interested in starting a career at Associated Asphalt? Apply today!