Mike Tyree, an Associated Asphalt veteran employee with more than 15 seasons with the company, is no stranger to the world of asphalt. Tyree has been visiting the plants due to his familial ties with other employees since he could walk.

“Once asphalt gets in your blood,” Tyree said, “it’s not coming out.”

Tyree has spent his entire professional career at Associated Asphalt’s Roanoke location, officially beginning his time with the company while consecutively completing a degree in criminal justice with a minor in sociology. Working his way up the ladder, Tyree has served in an array of positions that include roles as an operator, loader, lab technician, sales, field support, quality control, and manager.

Understanding how pumps and valves work was a vital step for his initial role as an terminal operator at Associated Asphalt, but taking that knowledge and expounding on it through self-guided research of emulsions, a true interest, was Tyree’s ticket to moving up.

Vast Horizons for Those Who Seek Success

Although Tyree’s personal interest in pursuing emulsions knowledge didn’t directly relate to his initial role, he made the effort to think to the future with eyes on the types of opportunities at the company that he wanted—not had—and prepared himself to be knowledgeable and suitable for those roles should they become available. And they did, in the form of Tyree becoming a manager at the emulsion plant.

At Associated Asphalt, Tyree confidently stated, ambition is supported and rewarded. Though being self-motivated naturally put Tyree in a position to excel, the internal support to assist employees with gaining advanced training, higher education, programs such as LEAP, and networking opportunities with industry leaders, have been an invaluable benefit that sets the company apart from others.

Today, Tyree serves the company as a Technical Service Representative, a role in which he supports the Mid-Atlantic and North East terminals and optimizes formulations. The value of mentors such as Kevin McGlumphy during his time at Associated Asphalt, Tyree said, has not gone unnoticed as a tool for upward mobility.

“From the first time I visited the Roanoke emulsion facility, Mike showed great energy and effort combined with a strong desire to be the best at what he did,” stated Kevin McGlumphy, Director of Research, Development & Engineering. “Mike’s willingness to go above and beyond for the team and to step outside his comfort zone grabbed my attention. His work ethic and positive attitude made him an easy choice when growth opportunities presented themselves. He’s a huge part of our team’s success.”

Associated Asphalt: Taking Pride in Making Job Security a Reality

Many positions at Associated Asphalt require training and field experience, while others lean more heavily on higher education foundations. This variety of needs, availability, and company-wide open-mindedness allows Associated Asphalt to offer a breadth of opportunities for all types of people and skill sets. In an industry where many entry-level employees often feel overlooked, Tyree said, Associated Asphalt excels in making everyone feel appreciated and worthy of advancement.

An aspect of Associated Asphalt that Tyree most appreciates is that the industry as a whole is always changing, advancing, and evolving. Job security in asphalt, and the ability to continue moving forward professionally at Associated Asphalt, he said, is undeniable.