Hallie Bunkowske, who started as a laboratory technician at our Bituminous Technologies laboratory in Tampa in October 2013, has achieved remarkable growth within Associated Asphalt through her determination and hard work. Over the past decade, Bunkowske advanced her career within the company, currently holding the position of Sales & Technical Manager, overseeing commodity asphalt sales at the Port Everglades terminal as well as focusing on performance products sales in Florida and Northern Pennsylvania.

“Void-reducing asphalt membrane, or VRAM, technology has been in the Midwest for nearly 20 years, and it’s exciting to be involved in the growth of this product as its use increases in states on the East Coast,” Bunkowske explains. “It has really taken off in Pennsylvania, showing huge improvements in the performance and life span of their roads by supporting the weakest part of the pavements, the centerline joints. I have really enjoyed working with PennDOT, which officially issued a new VRAM Standard Special Provision in April 2023. I look forward to continuing the expansion of our VRAM product, J-Band®, by presenting our case studies and core test results to engineers and DOTs in the southern states.”

Throughout her journey from Quality Control to Research and Development, and now in Sales, Bunkowske has accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience. Despite joining the company with no prior asphalt expertise, she received encouragement and guidance from her supervisors and colleagues, enabling her to become a proficient leader that is well-versed in the chemistry of our asphalt products and their benefits.

“Transitioning Hallie to the Sales Department from our Technical team was an easy decision,” stated Chad Gemberling, Director of Sales & Marketing, Commodity & Performance Products. “Associated Asphalt’s Florida terminal network and sales of J-Band® in the Northeast have both grown significantly, which lent itself to adding the right person to our sales team. Hallie brings the technical side to sales and has the personality, energy, and economic thinking skills to excel in this role. She is self-motivated and a team player. We look forward to her continuous growth within this organization.”

Bunkowske actively participates in FACERS, the Florida Association of County Engineers & Road Superintendents; ACAF, the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida; PAPA, the Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association; and APWA, the American Public Works Association. Additionally, she collaborates closely with the sustainability team to broaden her industry and professional expertise, opening doors to more opportunities in the future.

Bunkowske finds fulfillment in the dynamic nature of her work, embracing the ever-evolving tasks and responsibilities that challenge her to improve and learn continually. She appreciates the rewarding interactions with customers, forming lasting connections that strengthen bonds for both herself and Associated Asphalt.

Because of her success, Bunkowske actively supports and encourages her team members to seize opportunities for professional growth and advancement. This commitment to internal promotion and employee development aligns with Associated Asphalt’s culture, fostering a thriving environment where ambitious paths are encouraged and nurtured.

Hallie is a Florida native and received her bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry from The University of Central Florida. She currently resides in Central Florida with her husband and two dogs. When she is home, she loves spending time with her friends and family but enjoys escaping the heat and traveling to the cooler areas up north.