Fuel Resistant Asphalt

StellarFlex FR® is a highly fuel resistant polymer-modified asphalt binder that, when used in a P404 (formerly P601) asphalt mix for airfield pavements, provides extreme resistance to rutting, cracking, petroleum products, de-icing fluids, and extreme temperatures.

The high polymer modification, combined with the higher asphalt content and in-place density, means a P404 (formerly P601) mix produced with StellarFlex FR® will resist a range of punishing airport conditions for far longer than other traditional asphalt mixes.

In addition to commercial and general aviation airports and military bases, StellarFlex FR® can be used for other applications where heavy, channelized traffic occurs in the presence of oil, fuel, or animal waste. This includes bus lanes, rest areas, agricultural inspection stations, park facilities, boat storage facilities, and horse-drawn carriage paths.

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