Racetrack “RT” Binder

Racetrack surfaces must resist high temperatures from the sun combined with slick racing tires that want to “pull” the aggregate out of the mixture. Asphalt binders used in these applications require higher softening points to reduce the chance of raveling and ensure durability for years to come.

We designed our PG82-22 RT to meet the softening point specification for racetracks and formulated it for optimum workability and compaction. Our established quality control process ensures a reliably consistent product.

Completed Tracks

          Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta – GA
          Darlington Raceway – SC
          Kubota Manufacturing of America – Atlanta, GA
          Atlanta Motor Speedway – GA
          Roebling Road – Bloomingdale, GA
          Porsche Experience Center – Atlanta
          Rockingham Speedway – NC
          Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix – FL
          The Motor Enclave 1.6-mile Tilke-designed Performance Circuit
          Virginia International Raceway (VIR) – Alton, VA
          Carolina Motorsports Park – Kershaw, SC