Project Spotlight: Kubota Test Track in Gainesville

When Kubota needed pavement as durable as their equipment, what did they select for construction of their Test Track and Skid Pad in Gainesville, GA? Associated Asphalt’s proven and high-performing polymer-modified binder (PMB) PG 82-22.

Earlier this year, Associated Asphalt partnered with C.W. Matthews to construct (Kubota Manufacturing of America) KMA’s Test Track and Skid Pad where tractors, utility vehicles, and heavy equipment are tested. The pavement selected must withstand harsh testing conditions.

Our specially formulated PG 82-22 binder, similar to what we have used for race tracks, is able to ensure durability and longevity of the pavement due to its really high softening point specification. This is critical to keep the aggregate from raveling or separating when subjected to the friction of the equipment, which could lead to premature failure.

Associated Asphalt supplied over 250 tons of PG binder to C.W. Matthew’s Gainesville Asphalt Plant. Allied Paving placed the special 12.5 mm mix. A test strip was laid on September 28, 2021, in order to ensure volumetric properties and compaction were in compliance. The project was completed in early October.

Our PG 82-22 is one of many polymer-modified asphalts and binders that have demonstrated success in projects along the East Coast, ranging from bridge decks to longitudinal joint solutions to fuel resistant asphalts. Contact us to learn more about our solutions for extending the life of your asphalt pavement projects.