Employee Spotlight: Melissa Perdue, Truck Driver

Melissa Perdue might be a newer member of the Associated Asphalt team, but she’s no stranger to the industrial driving industry. Being with the company for 6 months, Melissa has nearly 27 years of driving under her belt. With these several years of experience, she proves to be a critical part of the team. Melissa’s ambition has been sparked by the amount of in-reach opportunities here at Associated Asphalt. She continues to add value to herself by continuing her education in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in business. She pushes herself to be the best version of herself she can be in hopes of moving up in the company over time. Her determination and tenacity has led her to where she is now, and will likely guide her to greatness moving forward.

I’m most looking forward to moving up the ladder. There seems to be a lot of opportunity for that here.

Day in the Life

A typical day in the life of a tanker driver that hauls liquid asphalt and emulsion is no simple one. With her day beginning at 2 in the morning, Melissa wakes up to get ready for her 4 am shift. She strategically maps out her day to have enough time for whatever comes her way. Loads arrive at 7 am, where she pumps and transports them where they need to go. The majority of her schedule is spent behind the wheel.

What Makes Her Stand Out

According to Melissa, her amount of time in the driver’s seat is what makes her different from others. While this might be true, she would not admit the other truly inspirational difference of being a female who’s tenured in a traditionally male industry. Being female doesn’t make her stand out, she said. She explains that she’s confident in what she does, which is what is relevant to the position. To others in our society, Melissa’s position is primarily filled by men, which can deter women from pursuing the job. Having a strong, female figure soaring through this industry can encourage other young girls to do whatever they set their mind to. On top of her long term of service, this is what makes her especially extraordinary.


Melissa currently pursues a Bachelor’s degree in business, hoping to see herself in another position someday. In her last year of school, she has also acquired a certificate in project management. She’s hoping to use these two educational pieces to move from being a tanker driver to a more business-type role. While she’s looking forward to her future in the company, she has mentioned that it will be bittersweet to leave her role as a driver.

“At Associated Asphalt,’ Purdue said, “the door is always open to gain experience.” As a role model for her daughter, she wants to lead by example and show that she never wants to stop learning. She explains that there is alway room for improvement and self growth, which is what she plans to utilize in her next chapter at the company.

At Associated Asphalt, we support and encourage our employees to seek professional growth. Through higher education, opportunity will be provided for those who shoot for the stars.

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