Employee Spotlight: Jake Exline, Sales & Technical Manager

Jake Exline is a Sales Manager who primarily works with emulsions and performance sales in North Carolina. Exline has been with the company just a little over a year. Without having previous experience in the industry, AA decided to take a chance and bring him aboard. With the use of his skills in sales and a degree in Marketing from Liberty University, Exline became an essential member of our team. Like other Associated Asphalt employees, Exline comes from a long line of family members who have worked in the asphalt industry, including his dad, grandpa and uncle. Although he opted not to go straight into asphalt after college, Exline says he now feels honored to carry on the tradition of working in the asphalt industry.

Exline is passionate about helping the company move forward on the road to sustainability. He previously worked in solar and environmental sales, which allowed him to assist the sales department at Associated Asphalt with their ESG efforts. At Associated Asphalt, he has been tasked with formulating a document in an effort to uncover tax credits and grants that are potentially available as a result of incorporating biodiesel and/or solar panels in the asphalt industry. He’s working with Hallie Bunkowske, Sales & Technical Manager, on the document to determine what would qualify Associated Asphalt for these sustainability opportunities. Exline lives in South Carolina but primarily supports sales in North Carolina and travels there quite a bit to attend trade shows, expos, conferences and more in his efforts to promote J-Band®.

What Makes AA Unique?

Exline said he enjoys the camaraderie of working in sales. At Associated Asphalt, he’s grateful to have been placed with an amazing sales team that is fun, dedicated, and always willing to help out. Everyone in the entire company, he added, has been extremely supportive. When it came to learning the ropes of products and the customer base, Exline had John Mimms to rely on. Working in sales is about

knowing the value of building customer relationships, and there’s no one who understands that more than John. “Jake brings great energy to our company,” stated Mims, Southern Performance Products Manager.  “His ability to quickly connect with those he meets, coupled with his willingness to learn what’s important to each customer will serve him well throughout his career.”

Associated Asphalt is different because of the people. Exline believes that the people make a business, regardless of what you’re selling. And at Associated Asphalt, he said, the people are hard to beat.

At Associated Asphalt, we support and encourage our employees to seek professional growth. Through higher education, opportunity will be provided for those who shoot for the stars.

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