Associated Asphalt's Transportation Network Provides Opportunity for International Supply

Over the past 70 years, Associated Asphalt has worked diligently to build a transportation network that allows us to provide convenient access to liquid asphalt supply throughout the Eastern United States. With multiple water-accessible terminals, we are unbound by the limitations of land transportation. For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with contractors overseas to export supply tanks on water vessels internationally.

International Export of Supplies and Expertise

Our sales and marketing team can work with partners to provide our wide variety of paving-grade polymer modified asphalts, emulsions, and tack coats. We also supply the equipment such as burners, pumps, hoses, and fittings that are all necessary for processing the asphalt onsite. All international partners can receive technical support to make sure the equipment is installed properly and the asphalt processed on spec.

“Our International business provides asphalt for everything from airports, new road construction to high school track and field surfaces,” says Chad Gemberling, Director of Sales & Marketing. “It’s exciting to see our asphalt set sail outside the US.”

Our Export Footprint

Associated Asphalt ships tanks from our water accessible terminals in Florida and can transport the supply and equipment to any destination accessible by boat. We partner with contractors to set up their supply order and coordinate with a freight company of their choice for pick up. Associated Asphalt values these growing relationships in markets outside of the traditional space and is committed to continuing to provide quality products and consultation for their unique needs. We look forward to helping improve the quality and sustainability of infrastructure around the world.

If you would like to learn more about how Associated Asphalt can fulfill the needs of your international project, contact a representative today.

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