Project Highlight: Laying StellarFlex FR® at Hollywood-Burbank Airport

Due to its resistance to permanent deformation, fuel damage, fatigue cracking, and thermal cracking, FAA P-404 fuel resistant asphalt provides a unique and innovative solution for airports throughout the United States. When the Hollywood-Burbank Airport in Los Angeles, California needed to rehabilitate their ramps, the consulting engineer selected P-601 (now P-404) with Associated Asphalt’s StellarFlex FR® .

Project Background

The $5 million ramp rehabilitation project took place from September 2018 to March 2019 and was led by general contractor Sully-Miller Contracting Co. We partnered with HollyFrontier Asphalt Co., an asphalt supply company based out of Glendale, AZ., to provide this performance binder and mix for the project.

The Challenge

The Hollywood-Burbank Airport rehabilitation project was the first of its kind on the West Coast. Because of the unique environmental factors of California’s climate and cooler air during the winter months, mix design and production specifications had to be adjusted accordingly. We assisted Holly Frontier with research and data to optimize the fuel-resistant asphalt formulation, ensuring that the final product would pass the FAA 24-hour fuel resistance immersion test and other key laboratory tests. We also worked closely with Sully-Miller on proper handling and application of the asphalt binder.

The Results

Once the appropriate specs and application processes were laid out, the Sully-Miller crew worked quickly to lay a 1-inch thick P-404 overlay. By the end of the project, 4,400 tons of the binder was applied with significant cost savings for the project overall. The airport looks forward to the high performance and extended lifecycle of the newly paved ramps.

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