Charitable Support

Associated Asphalt’s long commitment to the communities in which it operates reflects our belief that an individual or company cannot be a good citizen without becoming involved. Our company, leaders, and employees give back to their community through volunteerism and financial contributions. These are just some of the organizations we support in our local communities.

Community Involvement

Beyond charitable giving, we also seek community involvement through volunteerism and Board leadership. Playing an active role in the organizations that drive the socio-economic environment in which we thrive is key to staying true to our values and our community.


Associated Asphalt is committed to innovation leading to the development of new, more durable and environmentally friendly products using less energy to manufacture, store, and apply. Our objective is to produce products more efficiently that last longer, and are completely recyclable, thus conserving resources.

We seek to maintain existing operations, limiting environmental exposure of raw materials and product by using a combination of buildings and completely enclosed tank and piping systems. We are continually improving existing products by searching for and using safer, more environmentally friendly substitute materials. New processes are set up to minimize negative environmental impacts during lab testing and pilot runs before being approved for production.

Innovation of processes & Product Development – Conserving energy and resources

Continual Improvement of processes focusing on sustainability and protecting the environment

Participation in industry organizations, improving our knowledge base through networking and education