From restauranteur and real estate agent to Terminal Manager at Associated Asphalt, Dan Paty’s diverse background makes him a great addition to our team. Dan joined the company in January 2022 as the Terminal Manager at our Columbia, South Carolina, Seaco Terminal.

Each day at the terminal, Dan implements what he’s learned in previous positions to support our commitment to producing high-quality products that meet or exceed performance requirements. Since joining in January, Dan has been familiarizing himself with the terminal and strategizing ways to streamline processes, encourage teamwork and prioritize safety.

“Within the terminal, we have both transportation division and terminal operation – we’re separate but we all work together because we’re all working towards the same goal. Safety is a big priority – the company does a fantastic job at instilling safety in all we do.”

When Dan joined the team, there was one thing that impressed him immediately – the company culture. “The company culture was one thing I noticed from the start. There’s so much support from the top to the bottom.” Dan mentioned that Associated Asphalt takes a hands-on approach to their culture. “They want to do everything in their power to help team members succeed. No one is ever on their own when it comes to a challenge or a goal.”

When asked what is the most valuable thing he’s learned in the first few months since joining Associated Asphalt, he mentions that instilling positive reinforcement to those around him can go a long way. “The support I have from my superiors keeps me in the right frame of mind – that’s what has stuck with me the most because I’m able to pass that on with my team.”

Prior to joining Associated Asphalt, Dan worked at JIT Chemical Corporation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he rose from an Operations Manager to Terminal Manager. He has experience working with a variety of products including sodium hydroxide, propane and ethanol. Prior to JIT, he was the Terminal Manager of an ethanol transloading facility in Albany, GA. Dan leverages his decade of knowledge to ensure terminal processes are carried out safely and efficiently.

Outside of work, Dan has a few favorite past times like playing golf and casting a fishing line into any kind of water. In addition to getting outside, Dan enjoys traveling with his family, eating any and all kinds of Mexican foods and rooting for the Tennessee Vols. Before joining the corporate world, Dan has had his share of interesting jobs, too. From owning restaurants and a candy company, to diving into commercial real estate, Dan is a jack-of-all-trades type guy. Dan is a great example of the versatile and talented employees that make up our Associated Asphalt team.

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