Laying a Foundation for Leaders at Associated Asphalt

While our supply capacity, transportation networks, and expertise in asphalt sets us apart in the industry, we believe it’s our people who truly make a difference in our success. We want our employees to exemplify our values of integrity, safety, relationships, innovation, and excellence. When they rise to the occasion, we believe the opportunities for their professional development are endless.

Associated Asphalt’s Human Resources Department has prioritized leadership training and development for those individuals who show promise in their management roles. We believe that an investment in our employees is an investment in our future. Through a variety of programs, we build the leaders of tomorrow. Here are just a few ways we grow the leaders in our company.

Vital Smarts In-House Leadership Training

Vital Smarts is a world-class leadership training program that build high-performance leaders through a variety of research-based methodologies. These programs are built to cultivate a culture centered around productivity, communication, and creating good habits.

Director of Human Resources, Marie Greer became a David Allen Certified “Getting Things Done Methodology” trainer in 2011 and has continued to gain VitalSmarts Certifications to instruct leaders on Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability. By the end of 2019, she will also be certified to teach the Influencer Methodology and the Power of Habit. All of these training programs work together to help employees build stronger relationship, hold employees accountable, influence a positive team culture, and increase productivity.

“Since we’ve been doing these training, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback,” says Marie. “Personally, my work life is easier and better because of these methodologies. We’ve seen a low turnover rate and have seen more successful internal promotions.”

Virginia Tech Roanoke Center Leadership Development Course

In partnership with the Virginia Tech Roanoke Center, just down the street from our headquarters, we enroll local and remote leaders in the Leaders of the 21st Century program. The 9-month program takes place one full day a month. This program covers emotional intelligence, listening skills, leveraging technologies for productivity and relationship building, and strategic planning and thinking. A handful of employees participate each year.

Leadership Roanoke Valley

Leadership Roanoke Valley, sponsored by the Roanoke Regional Chamber, has been building local leaders in the Valley since 1983. This program sets itself apart from the others because it has a unique focus on what it means to be a leader in your community, not just your organization. With monthly programs, participants build their leadership skills and apply them to a special community impact project over the course of 10 months. Three of our corporate leaders have participated in the program.

Professional and personal growth comes from valuable experiences and direct training. At Associated Asphalt, we seek to provide both for our all of our employees, not just our leaders. Discover what kind of promising career opportunities are available at Associated Asphalt today!