Looking back on our 2019 projects, we’re excited about all that we accomplished this year. In particular, we’ve seen exciting growth in the Florida market with three projects using our StellarFlex FR® asphalt product.

StellarFlex is an asphalt binder formulated specifically for the extreme stresses that airport pavements endure: exposure to jet fuel and the enormous weight of slow-moving aircraft. As consulting engineers in Florida have learned more about StellarFlex, they’ve begun requesting our product in apron rehabilitations at airports.

LaBelle Municipal Airport

In March, we started a project in south central Florida in the small city of LaBelle. Our customer rehabilitated the LaBelle Municipal Airport’s apron with 2-inch mill and replaced with 2 inches of P-404 with our StellarFlex.

Page Field Airport

In April, we started work in Fort Myers, Florida, at the Page Field Airport. Working with engineers from Hole-Montes, we constructed a new hangar and expanded and rehabilitated the apron. Ajax Industries placed two inches of StellarFlex as the final surface layer on two areas near the new hangar. Tim Parker, Hole-Montes engineer and pilot, plans to use more of this on future projects in Florida.

Keystone Airpark

This fall, we worked on a new refueling apron at the Keystone Airpark in Keystone Heights in northeast Florida. Working with AECOM, the same consulting engineer from the LaBelle project earlier in the year, we installed the StellarFlex-based material as the final layer on the apron.

2020 and Beyond

“Of all the states where we have marketed StellarFlex, we’ve seen the most interest in Florida,” said Robbie Robinson, Senior Technical Services & Technical Marketing Manager. This increased interest could be sparked from several factors, but Robinson believes its from a longstanding awareness of fuel-resistant asphalt in Florida. “A consulting firm in Florida has been an important supporter of fuel-resistant asphalt and really spread the word about this state-of-the-art asphalt mixture, as well as our own marketing efforts in Florida,” said Robinson.

“We’re glad that StellarFlex meets the needs of these contractors and their willingness to invest in it for their apron installations,” said Robinson.

Looking back at the great work accomplished this year in Florida, we’re excited to see what will happen in the Sunshine State in 2020.