Associated Asphalt employee Scooter Kennedy in front of computer monitors.

Employee Spotlight: Scooter Kennedy

If you’ve ever visited Associated Asphalt’s Corporate Headquarters in Roanoke, VA, you may have spotted some beautiful photos of our terminals and rail sidings in the lobby, courtesy of Scooter Kennedy, Senior Marketing Coordinator. Kennedy joined the Associated Asphalt team as Sales & Technical Manager in October of 2006 with a background in the asphalt paving industry.

“I sold PG Asphalt out of  the Inman and Salisbury terminals,” he recalls. “I knew most of the customers in the area because of my work in the industry prior to joining Associated, so I was able to hit the ground running.”

Since Kennedy first joined in 2006, Associated Asphalt has seen a lot of growth and changes. The company went from 4 terminals to 33. His experiences in that growth make him a great asset to the Sales & Marketing team as the Senior Marketing Coordinator. He monitors and manages association memberships, creates comprehensive sales reports, plans outside sales events, aids the sales department with customer’s technical data and material requests, and anything else thrown his away.

“I’ve done some marketing materials, really just a little bit of everything,” he says. “I really enjoy that I am available to help everyone out as needed and also enjoy my hobby, which is taking pictures.”

To this day, Kennedy says Associated Asphalt feels like a family rather than a company.

“I feel like they care about Scooter, the person, not just Scooter the employee,” says Kennedy.

While marketing  and sales may sometimes sounds like a job for a person who craves to be social, sometimes he finds some of his happiest moments in solitude.  Outside of the Inman office, Kennedy enjoys solo hiking and solo backpacking. He enjoys going out on the trail, spending the night camping, and taking some photos along the way.