Employee Spotlight: JD Taylor, Tampa Terminal Manager

In October of 2019, JD Taylor joined the Associated Asphalt team in Tampa, Florida as a Terminal Manager. At this water-accessible terminal, Taylor manages a team of 15 individuals who work together to produce and distribute a variety of Associated Asphalt products.

Coming from Dallas, TX, Taylor has experience in blending and distributing finished lubricants. While much of the operational concepts are similar, he was excited for the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of a new industry. He was eager to jump right in and get to know his team. He describes himself as very hands-on and hit the ground running with several end of year projects.

“Working with so many wonderful people with so much industry knowledge has made the last few months fly by,” says Taylor.  “The group here did a great job of filling me in on where we were with everything and got it all wrapped up on time.”

Since his time joining the company, the terminal has already gone through a significant electrical upgrade, the installation of a new production tank, and new mixers in two additional production tanks. Throughout these projects and their normal day to day activities, Taylor feels that he and his team have integrated well. He says that he appreciates the tight-knit bond that he’s been able to forge with his team while knowing that he can reach out to anyone at another terminal or at Corporate when needed.

“In addition to the team here locally, Gary Evans, our regional manager, has done a tremendous job at maintaining that family friendly atmosphere while keeping us focused on what is needed to maintain our growth,” says Taylor. “He’s been great to work with.”

In a short letter to his new coworkers at Associated Asphalt at the end of last year, Taylor said: “There is still much work to be done…The team here at Tampa gives me great confidence that we can and will do great things by way of their professionalism, focus on safety, and vision for success.”

JD Taylor adds that his own family also welcomed the relocation to Tampa. His wife is able to spend more time with her family nearby and they’re all able to spend time enjoying the amenities that Florida has to offer.

We couldn’t have summed up the Tampa team better ourselves and are excited to have JD Taylor leading them!

Fast Facts:

What’s your favorite food?

Mexican food

What’s your favorite musical artist?

Johnny Cash

What’s your favorite thing about living in Tampa?

Being near family