Associated Asphalt Appoints Bill Kirk as Chairman and John Janes as President and Chief Executive Officer

Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC (“Associated Asphalt”) is announcing the appointment of J.W. (“Bill”) Kirk as Chairman and the promotion of John Janes to President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1.

Associated Asphalt is a leader in the asphalt industry with the largest independent asphalt terminaling, storage and distribution network in the United States.  The Company’s terminal platform serves end users throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Northeast U.S. with asphalt storage capacity and related logistics infrastructure assets, including access to an expansive rail network and multiple ports capable of receiving asphalt from U.S. and international refineries.

Bill Kirk, Associated Asphalt Chief Executive OfficerThe success of the business cannot be separated from the leadership and influence of Bill Kirk.  Bill joined Associated Asphalt in 1976 and was named President in 1988 and CEO in 1999. Over this period, Bill led the diversification and expansion of Associated Asphalt from a single terminal in Roanoke to 35 terminals across 10 states.  Bill has commensurately garnered the respect of industry participants, having served as Chairman of the Asphalt Institute twice, in 2004 and 2011. 

Bill’s leadership extends beyond business results, as he is known for instilling sound operating principles and integrity in the company.  Bill nurtured the importance of environmental stewardship and social responsibility into the fabric of the business, while maintaining a tight knit, family-oriented culture for employees and partners.  Bill has worked closely with John Janes and the senior management team to translate his vision, principles and passion for the business into results and strategic growth plans.

John Janes, Associated Asphalt PresidentJohn Janes, the company’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, has more than 25 years of experience across energy markets.  He has a demonstrated track record of leading supply purchasing, developing customer-oriented solutions, managing storage and logistics infrastructure and directing teams.  John has worked as the company President, teaming with Bill and the senior management team since 2007, and he was appointed Chairman of the Asphalt Institute in 2016. Prior to joining Associated Asphalt, John held senior management positions with Koch Materials / SemMaterials for 17 years.

“I’m incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to lead Associated Asphalt over the past forty years and look forward to continuing to contribute to its future successes in my new role,” said Bill Kirk.  “I have the utmost confidence that John is ready to steer the company through the next decade given his unparalleled relationships and industry knowledge.”  

“Bill is a true legend in the asphalt industry, and I am honored to have worked by his side for the past 12 years,” said John Janes.  “Bill’s proven track record, decades of experience and industry connections will be invaluable to me and the rest of the senior management team as we execute our strategy to serve as the industry leader in each of the markets we serve.”  

Under the new organizational structure, John will provide day-to-day oversight for the business and Bill will move into the role of Chairman.   John and the Associated Asphalt team will continue to look for opportunities to formulate innovative products, provide important linkages from suppliers to end markets, and partner with other industry players and the community.

About Associated Asphalt

Associated Asphalt is a world-class, midstream and logistics platform linking refineries with end markets across the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Northeastern U.S. The company stores, blends, transports and sells a diverse mix of asphalt products through 35 terminals consisting of approximately 6 million barrels of shell capacity.  

The company’s terminals are directly accessible via rail and/or water, with logistics further supported by rail cars, trucks and trailers.  Associated Asphalt’s storage capacity and connectivity allows the company to offer year-round, ratable offtake to refiners. Associated Asphalt has developed strong relationships with a broad group of refineries and global trading firms. Associated Asphalt is owned by management and an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners. 

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