The history with the Bristol terminal begins long before Associated Asphalt owned it. In 1948, Associated Asphalt had a different name and offered a different set of products and service offerings. We were once Fuel Oil & Equipment, offering home heating oil delivery to the surrounding areas. Our story with the Bristol terminal began with us storing trucks at the terminal shortly after the terminal was constructed in 1962.

A 25-Year Waiting Period

The Bristol terminal was once owned by the Taggert family and leased to Shell Oil Company. Back then, the terminal was named Bristol Asphalt Products. Associated Asphalt’s predecessor, Fuel Oil & Equipment, purchased asphalt from Shell Oil Company and sold it to Adams Construction Company, our owners during this time.

During these early years, the Bristol Terminal was one of only three rail-supplied asphalt terminals in the Southeast. Being familiar with the area, Associated Asphalt decided to open Bristol Oil Company at an office near the Bristol terminal and began selling heating oil to the Bristol/Johnson City area.

In the early 1980s, Associated Asphalt wanted to make the strategic decision to purchase the Bristol terminal from the Taggert family. After several meetings, communications, and deliberations, Associated Asphalt were unsuccessful in their efforts. However, approximately 25 years after the first attempt to acquire Bristol Asphalt Products, their luck changed, and Associated Asphalt officially purchased the terminal.

Culture Change for Good

In 2007, Associated Asphalt acquired Bristol Asphalt Products from the Taggart family. In addition to Bristol, this purchase included the Charlotte and Gainesville terminals, as well.

As of today, there are 13 employees working out of the Bristol Terminal; an Operations/Terminal Manager, a Lab Technician, a Logistics Specialist, five Drivers, and five Operators. Four of these employees joined Associated Asphalt through the purchase of Bristol Asphalt Products. Frank Rogers, Charlotte Spies, Brenda Felty, and Barry King noted the respectful and welcoming atmosphere Associated Asphalt provided once the transition began.

“We were fired and hired the same day,” says Lead Operator, Frank Rogers who has been with the company for 38 years. When asked why he stayed with the company, Frank says “I don’t have to have this job, I want it!” It is often said, if it happened at the Bristol terminal, Frank Rogers was a part of it.

“This place has evolved from the Bristol Asphalt Products days,” says Lab Technician Brenda Felty, “The job has grown and I feel appreciated for the work I do.” Brenda has been with the company for 16 years and single-handedly runs the Bristol Emulsion Lab.

Bristol Today

With its thirteen employees, the Bristol terminal is fun by team members who appreciate the work and one another. “We have come a long way,” says Frank Rogers. The team produces emulsion products like CRS2, CRS2L, CSS-1H, and NTCRS-1HSP out of Bristol on a regular basis. The terminal currently delivers products to Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Bristol has been and continues to be an integral part of Associated Asphalt. Even though our ownership technically did not begin until 2007, our history with the terminal and the employees began long before that.

We look forward to seeing the continued success the Bristol team brings to Associated Asphalt in the years to come.