Working at Associated Sep 26, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Jermaine Long, IT Support Technician

Nearly everyone talks to the HelpDesk – at least once. We often only take time to troubleshoot and fix issues at hand. So, let’s take a moment to meet Jermaine Long who started in January 2023 as Associated Asphalt’s IT Support Technician.   When Associated Asphalt is Family Jermaine feels like he has always known…

Working at Associated Sep 14, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Mike Tyree, Technical Service Representative

Mike Tyree, an Associated Asphalt veteran employee with more than 15 seasons with the company, is no stranger to the world of asphalt. Tyree has been visiting the plants due to his familial ties with other employees since he could walk.   “Once asphalt gets in your blood,” Tyree said, “it’s not coming out.”  …

Working at Associated Aug 18, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Hallie Bunkowske, Sales & Technical Manager

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: HALLIE BUNKOWSKE, SALES & TECHNICAL MANAGER Hallie Bunkowske, who started as a laboratory technician at our Bituminous Technologies laboratory in Tampa in October 2013, has achieved remarkable growth within Associated Asphalt through her determination and hard work. Over the past decade, Bunkowske advanced her career within the company, currently holding the position of…

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News Dec 19, 2022

Associated Asphalt Employee Featured on Transport Topics Podcast

“You never know where life will take you, but by building good relationships along the way and walking toward every challenge, you may go much further than you ever imagined.” Ernest Hamilton lives by these words of wisdom. Ernie is our Senior Transportation Manager at Associated Asphalt and the author of “Overcoming Challenges: The Tar-Billy…

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