Working at Associated Dec 19, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Colleen Moore, Logistics Manager

Colleen Moore joined the Associated Asphalt family 17 years ago at our Greensboro terminal. Colleen worked in banking for six years before joining the team until she decided it was time to start a new chapter. She saw an open Administrative Assistant position and was eager to apply, as she had the necessary experience and…

Working at Associated Dec 5, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Bobbi Mullins, Senior Logistics Manager

Bobbi Mullins’ story begins in Clay County, West Virginia. She worked at a local post office for a couple of years until she made the decision to start a new life in Salisbury, North Carolina. That’s where Bobbi found Associated Asphalt. “I could’ve transferred to the post office in Greensboro, but it wasn’t as fulfilling…

Working at Associated Nov 20, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Luther Scales, Polymer Modified Asphalt Operator

“I’m very proud of my job. I boast about it a lot to people,” says Luther Scales. Luther began his story with Associated Asphalt almost 20 years ago. As a young man beginning his career with a good work ethic and honest character, Luther said that he did not know a single thing about asphalt…

Working at Associated Jul 7, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Carrie Conard-Watson, HRIS & Benefits Administrator

Roanoke transplant Carrie Conard-Watson joined the Associated Asphalt family in the summer of 2022 as our HRIS & Benefits Administrator. Carrie brings years of experience, an infectiously positive attitude, and a great outlook to the Associated Asphalt team. Carrie’s professional background is expansive. Construction, retail management, insurance, manufacturing, interior design; you name the industry, Carrie…

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