A group of asphalt rollers at Hollywood-Burbank Airport applying StellarFlex FR.

Impact Oct 10, 2019

Project Highlight: Laying StellarFlex FR® at Hollywood-Burbank Airport

Due to its resistance to permanent deformation, fuel damage, fatigue cracking, and thermal cracking, FAA P-404 fuel resistant asphalt provides a unique and innovative solution for airports throughout the United States. When the Hollywood-Burbank Airport in Los Angeles, California needed to rehabilitate their ramps, the consulting engineer selected P-601 (now P-404) with Associated Asphalt’s StellarFlex FR® . Project Background The…

Bill Kirk, Associated Asphalt CEO smiling and sitting a wooden desk.

Impact Oct 9, 2019

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Bill Kirk

For more than 70 years, our company has been supplying liquid asphalt to customers seeking quality materials for a variety of projects. While our history is rich in the asphalt industry, there are other ventures from our past that are well worth looking back on. “If you know from whence you came, there are absolutely…

Crews laying asphalt on St. Augustine horse paths with an asphalt roller and houses in the background.

Product Innovation Oct 2, 2019

Project Highlight: Applying StellarFlex FR® to St. Augustine Horse Paths

If you’ve ever paid a visit to the historic St. Augustine, FL, it’s likely you’ve seen one of their famous horse-drawn carriage tours pass by. These rides allow visitors and residents to take in the stunning historic architecture and culture of the city from the comfort of an open air carriage. Riders rely on a smooth path…

BT Labs asphalt testing equipment. asphalt lab testing

Product Innovation Aug 26, 2019

BT Labs: Driving Quality and Innovation for Associated Asphalt

From highways to airport landing strips, rooftops to bridges – asphalt plays a critical role in the infrastructure of our daily lives. As the impact of the environment changes and the needs of our customers become more advanced, Associated Asphalt looks to the Bituminous Technologies® (BT) Labs division to pave the way forward for our…