An orange asphalt roller laying StellarFlex at Georgetown County Airport.

Product Innovation Jul 11, 2019

Project Highlight: Laying StellarFlex FR® at Georgetown County Airport

At Associated Asphalt, we don’t back down from a challenge. What started out as a normal project in May 2018 quickly turned into one with challenging elements that required adapting the product and work schedule. In the end, our customers, Southern Asphalt, and Georgetown County Airport were pleased with the results. Project Background The project…

Product Innovation May 6, 2019

Laboratory Performance of Fuel Resistant Hot Mix Asphalt

While airport taxiways may not experience the same volume of traffic as a highway road, the heavy load of jumbo jets combined with the damaging properties of jet fuel can lead to extensive cracking and rutting – reducing the lifespan of ordinary asphalt significantly. To help airport facilities reduce downtime for runway repairs, a specially…

A large American Airlines plane on the tarmac at Logan Airport.

Product Innovation Apr 23, 2019

A Comparison Study of StellarFlex FR® P-601 Fuel Resistant Mixture at Logan Airport

StellarFlex FR® P-404 (formerly P-601) is one of the newest FAA-approved asphalt mixes for airports across the United States. When it comes to formulating and producing the right product for airport pavements, Associated Asphalt has perfected the fuel resistant polymer-modified asphalt like no other. Our performance polymer-modified asphalt binder, StellarFlex FR®, is both crack and…

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