Working at Associated Sep 19, 2019

Meet the Associated Asphalt Interns

At Associated Asphalt, we believe in investing our time in the workforce of tomorrow. We make connections with the rising workforce by offering internship opportunities to local college students seeking to get real-life experience at a large corporation. This summer, we hosted two interns in Roanoke; one at our corporate headquarters and another at our…

Associated Asphalt international supply tanks grouped together.

Impact Sep 19, 2019

Associated Asphalt’s Transportation Network Provides Opportunity for International Supply

Over the past 70 years, Associated Asphalt has worked diligently to build a transportation network that allows us to provide convenient access to liquid asphalt supply throughout the Eastern United States. With multiple water-accessible terminals, we are unbound by the limitations of land transportation. For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with contractors overseas to export supply tanks…

Associated Asphalt employees seated at a roundtable talking at a leadership training conference in a large room.

Working at Associated Aug 29, 2019

Laying a Foundation for Leaders at Associated Asphalt

While our supply capacity, transportation networks, and expertise in asphalt sets us apart in the industry, we believe it’s our people who truly make a difference in our success. We want our employees to exemplify our values of integrity, safety, relationships, innovation, and excellence. When they rise to the occasion, we believe the opportunities for their professional…

BT Labs asphalt testing equipment. asphalt lab testing

Product Innovation Aug 26, 2019

BT Labs: Driving Quality and Innovation for Associated Asphalt

From highways to airport landing strips, rooftops to bridges – asphalt plays a critical role in the infrastructure of our daily lives. As the impact of the environment changes and the needs of our customers become more advanced, Associated Asphalt looks to the Bituminous Technologies® (BT) Labs division to pave the way forward for our…